How to over come a recent break up?

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Re: How to over come a recent break up?

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:29 pm

saranya wrote:i recently had a brk up with a guy(its not even a month).i thought i have come over it.but seems like i have not.i lost my interest in everything.iam not exercising,iam eating too much because of which i have gained a lot of weight.i have my exams coming up and i dont feel like studying.i was a good student earlier.very competetive.i was in good shape too.but since last 3 months things have gone haywire.i had commitment issues with that guy which ultimately lead to our brk up.i KNOW this is not right.i KNOW i need to pull myself up.but still iam unable to do it.i need help...
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